Home Power Usage
(and consumption)

I got one of these power monitor devices that reads power usage in the home. It uses a sensor that connects direct to the mains lead that goes into the fuse box (consumer unit). It then radio's the data to the receiver unit (shown right). The screen gives 'instant' usage, well, nearly instant and some other info which changes every few seconds to give the same information differently. Apart from the 'instant' amount called 'Energy Now', the other probably most useful bit of information is the 'Last 1 Days' figure, but whether thats the last day or the last 24 hours to 'now' isn't too clear.

Its supposed to help make you more energy aware/efficient which is a nice idea. But you do need to do more than just connect it up. You need to decide what information you want and then dig it out. Ask the right question and you might get a useful answer....

As a standalone device you can look at the screen, and then note down things of interest. The left picture below is a variation of that. The device can also be connected to a pc using a USB cable provided. It will download granular information (hourly chunks of usage), or if left permanently connected to a pc thats always on, it will capture a much more detailed picture of your house holds usage, an example of which is the right picture below.

Update - Mar 2012. Current Cost have released a new version of the device.
Mine is the CC128 Envi, while the new one released in Mar 2011 is the CC128 EnviR. If you ever need to replace the CT Clamp (Current Transformer), they have different ones for each model.

CC128 Envi

So what did I ask?