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Rasp PiFTP file received in last 15 minutes
Rasp PiFile system rootfs is <20% free space
Rasp PiFTP file NOT received in last 15 minutes

The latest file is checked and if the timestamp is older than 15 minutes then the icon in the left menu is changed to red. Although the likely cause is the Raspberry Pi has frozen again, it could be a power failure on site, internet down, so is only an indication that there is 'some' problem.

The 'space used' is also checked. Providing the file isn't older than 15 minutes (and be flagged RED), then once the disk used space has exceeded a predetermined value (currently 80%), the icon in the left menu is changed to Amber

. The color of the field for Used Space below is different, green if less than 70%, amber if between 70% and 90%, finally red if over 90%.

Rasp PiTimeUsed spaceUsers Logged InUptimeCPU (1min)CPU (5min)
Pi122:45:07 36%1 6 min0.860.99
Pi317:15:02 18%1 3 min0.130.10
Pi406:15:02 77%1 77 days 14:270.060.05
Pi519:45:01 54%1 408 days 2:050.040.06
Pi619:50:02 23%0 14 days 8:520.220.23