Web Cam (New, June 2011).

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The camera, a FOSCAM FI8918W, was purchased in June 2011 and arrived on the 15th. Got the FTP upload working the same evening. This web page up and running on Sat 18th June 11.

Haven't decided exactly where to mount it and what view to show (but planning on scenic/sky view) so watch this space (or page). For the moment I'm intending to experiment so the camera won't be uploading on a regularly basis. It will however show the last uploaded image.

23 Jun 11 - I stuck a power monitor on the camera for a while and it seemed to be running at about 40mA but over 59hrs used 0.22KWh so uses about a KW every 10 days or so. That was with the camera static (not moving the lens around) or using the infra red at night.

21 Aug 11 - What fun. If the web cam (somehow) gets the username/password wrong for ftp'ing the image upload, it only takes a few minutes for the hosting site Firewall to block your IP. Not a problem for everyone else, but it stops further images being up loaded and stops me from accessing my site from home. Fortunately the ip address can be unblocked within a day or so, but it took me two days to notice and a further two days to ask for it to be unblocked. But we're up and running again. So what caused it, well it was likely me trying to control the camera with 'wget' and failing (apart from somehow changing the username the camera was trying to ftp with).
I shall program in a message in the near future should the upload stop working again. I've managed to block my ip address a few times now (in two sessions) so I'm bound to do it again). Also, I'm still experimenting, so the camera may move or be unavailable now and then.

4 Oct 11 - Haven't done the message yet, but night time pictures are a bit boring and after some trial and error (more error than trial), I eventually got some backend activity to work which stops the camera from uploading images at night time. Eventually got wget to work in a cron job running a php page that checks to see if its night time (a PHP 5 bit of coding) and if so stop the uploads. It was while tinkering with this that I found out how I was getting my home ip address locked out on the hosting site Firewall. I was trying to update the upload interval period on the camera, and although that was failing, without knowing it, I WAS updating the username and password with the username and password I was supposed to be accessing the camera with. Obviously the camera username and password isn't the same as the FTP account on the web site that the camera was uploading the image with, hence LOCK OUT.